NFTs from 巳れ囙丨匚卄巳


In addition to being a memer, ヨれの丨匚廾ヨ is a visual and performance artist, and this becomes apparent in his memes. Some people meme to laugh, some people meme to cry. Some people meme to cry away their laughs. ヨれの丨匚廾ヨ consistently strikes new ground with each piece and leaves the viewer wondering whether they should laugh, cry, or both. Many OC meme creators are making high art and low art on a daily basis and challenging the meme norms, but these minor steps are relative to each other. Even John Coltrane's Giant Steps is a structuralist masterpiece existing within the relative modal frameworks of chord progression. ヨれの丨匚廾ヨ's work is consistently post-structuralist. It's defining the work of memes in relation to questions and technical modes of expression that we haven't asked yet. Every moment of it is breathtaking. There are boring people who say that there is nothing new, we have reached the end of history, everything is repetition.ヨれの丨匚廾ヨ's work proves this wrong, and often asks difficult questions of the viewer. As our friend Marshall McLuhan says, the medium is the message. 

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