How to Sell Memes Legally

When someone creates a piece of visual media, they automatically own the rights to that asset. Memes use a lot of copyrighted material, which is generally fine for posting on social media since they're not used for profit, and they're almost always parody or satire (the good ones, anyway).

It gets a little stickier since we want to sell memes. As a startup still in the very early stage of development, we can't afford to license images or win fair use lawsuits.

Here are some options if you'd like to sell your memes:

  1. Make 100% OC. Use your art or photos, and fonts that are in the public domain.

  2. Use only images in the public domain. A Google search will turn up a lot of results. Any images over 95 years old are automatically in the public domain.

  3. License images yourself. If you have a dank banger, you might want to pay to license the images.

  4. Take your chances with fair use laws.

We can provide advice on how best to bring your memes to market, but be advised that we are not lawyers, and we don't have a legal team yet. If you want to sell with us, you need to represent that you own the rights to the assets you want to provide by signing a royalty contract.

We are currently not allowing certain types of content:

  1. Logos, products, or other trademarked material.

  2. Images with stock photo watermarks.

  3. Clear, unaltered images of celebrities.

Contact us about selling memes.