We focus on people,


and memes

Everything else comes from serving those needs


Dank Memes

Chill Scenes

We started with a simple premise: Let's hang out and make memes.

It was easy until it wasn't. It took a lot of work to figure out the community building necessary to keep a party going 24/7/365, and we discovered a whole bunch of features necessary to keep a community from going south. We want to turn moderator and admin sweat equity into automagic algorithms that promote positive interaction.


Credit: Morgan Warner


That's Fine

We'll make our own social media

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Credit: Lisa Savyon

big social

big problems

We knew that we were sacrificing some things in order to use social media for free. Now it’s clear that we are the product, and we’re being served up for ad revenue. After years of creating the content and the groups for free, the social media platforms destroyed our groups that we were successfully moderating.

We had gotten rid of the trolls, the creeps, the racists, and the misogynists. We helped the people who just needed a little redirection, and the people who were misunderstood became fast friends. Our groups kept getting deleted for asinine things and there was and is no human to talk to. Our user lists are gone. Our memes are gone. All because of a snap judgement of someone very far away over a joke that's safe to tell to a controlled audience.

That's fine. We're making our own social media.

Credit: Double Dee


Meet the Team

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Morgan CotÉ Warner CEO

Morgan has been part of an admin team for a large original content meme group for the last 3 years. The core group has 40K active monthly creators, with many more in the network commenting, sharing, and passing memes on into the wild. Her leadership and ad-hocracy in a state of flowing anarchy has focused her default-world experience into a smooth running meme-queen. 

Administrating trolls and friends alike is hard, but not when you've had 20 years experience in the "soft skills" fields (in quotes, for they are the hardest). We think Morgan is our secret weapon. When the tech world is a boys club, and our social media problems are social problems, we don't think another tech or business guru is the answer. We think teams and teams of programmers making MVP apps as a shortcut to riches is what got us here, and we think Morgan and people like her are what are going to get us out.


We have a lot of UX development and testing to do to make memes fun and the troll-dance invisible, and we think that Morgan's psychology degree and real world experience are just what are needed. Morgan has proven herself super at supervising staff and really stepping into the shoes of emotion workers.


Morgan is also an artist having published a book, paintings, photography, crafting, digital, and other mixed media materials. We think throwing down the gauntlet and starting a company with such a strong liberal arts leader will ensure we stand out among the types of entrepreneurs who have built what we've come to expect.

Daniel D

Lindmark Coo

Daniel's 37+ years of development experience started in 1984 by writing interactive fiction on a Commodore 64 in Basic. Before there was github, there were magazines with code, and Daniel would copy the routines without any knowledge of what they contained BY HAND and slowly figure out conditionals, variables, syntax, until there was a passable "find your own way" adventure.

There wasn't coding for kids back then, but logic and computing led Daniel to want to truly understand full stack development and led down a path of learning programming languages, math, science, and engineering.

The quest lead from the infinitesimally small Plank scale and quantum mechanics, up through the atomic physics of the bare metal of semiconductors, onto the logical and computational understanding of semiconductors, and all the math and software algorithm trimmings of two engineering degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from IIT.

A product is not a business and requires a set of known and often repeatable real world support and infrastructure. Daniel has spent the last 20+ years developing technology and helping organizations grow around those innovations. The first 13 years were spent helping companies with existing high tech products but legacy design processes and manufacturing. Imagine paper github and you're getting close. Daniel helped convert them from 20 year garage operations to functional ISO9001 factories. All of the companies were acquired for a combined value of $660M+.

After that, Daniel has focused on new start-ups to learn and perfect the agile process for hardware. Daniel has worked with companies with zero starting capital and helped them with business development, slide decks, and to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter and helped them deliver on their campaigns. Daniel has travelled all over the world and met hundreds of other makers, entrepreneurs, and crowdfunders in pursuit of how to do it right.

Daniel likes to make memes in real life with cardboard, markers, and old magazines.


I've got your ethnographic studies right here


It'll be a

piece of cake