Code of Conduct



We understand that there are different kinds of humor and what is deemed acceptable varies widely by group. Whereas no topic is off limits for satire or parody, there are certain types of content and behaviors that are not allowed on the site:

  • Hate speech or bigotry.

    • Abusing, threatening, disenfranchising, belittling, or expressing prejudice against a particular group of people based on race, heritage, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, or gender is not allowed.

  • Inciting violence.

    • Any content that results in or could result in violence towards people, animals, or property is not allowed.

  • Threats of violence.

    • Threatening physical harm against a person or group of people is not allowed.

  • Sexual violence.

    • Depicting or encouraging sexual violence is not allowed.​

  • Stalking.

    • The consistent, unwanted pursual or harassment of another user is not allowed.

  • Exploitation or abuse of minors.

    • Depicting a minor engaged in exploitive exhibition or other sexual contact, or content that could result in the exploitation or abuse of a minor is not allowed.

  • Illegal sales.

    • Engaging in any kind of illegal sales as dictated by your jurisdictional laws is not allowed.

  • Human trafficking.

    • Content that involves or results in the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain labor is not allowed.

  • Cruelty to animals. 

    • Promoting or causing cruelty to animals is not allowed.

  • Viruses or malicious code.

    • Any content that is or contains viruses, malware, or spyware, or seeks to disrupt or destroy the Site, or compromise the rights of users is not allowed.

We reserve the right to terminate a user account for any reason, but violations of the above rules are grounds for immediate termination. We may contact and work with authorities when laws have been broken on the Site and we are made aware.

Desert in Dark
worst admins meme.JPEG


That's Fine has the best administrators in the world. As such, we've encountered our fair share of whiny bigots and creepers who believe "Freedom of Speech" means "Freedom from Consequence."

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We don't care about nipples. Not even boob nipples. #FreeTheNipple

Party Chicken
Desert in Dark
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Credit: Zachary Buckley

We want everyone to get their dopamine, as long as that dopamine doesn't infringe upon other shitposters' dopamine.

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It's important to us here at That's Fine that our users have fun and feel safe, so please read these rules carefully and keep them in mind when posting. 

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We take almost no pleasure in deleting memes. It's a dirty job, but someone has to make the tough decisions.


We also do not allow:

  • Falsehoods and propaganda.

    • Promoting or spreading false news, especially when calling for or causing disenfranchisement, violence, or disease is not allowed. Depending upon the nature of the false news, violating this rule may be grounds for immediate termination.

  • Bullying, harassment, or abuse.

    • Bullying, harassing, or abusing another user, or seeking to bully, harass, or abuse is not allowed.

  • Divisive or contentious content.

    • Sowing discord and conflict and disrupting the experience of other users is not allowed.

  • Pornography.

    • We do not allow the use of our site for the distribution of pornography. Images taken from pornographic sources for humorous purposes are permissible, as long as they don't break other rules.

  • Automated use of our Site or Services.

    • Setting up bot accounts is not allowed.​

  • Copyright or trademark infringement.

    • Infringing upon intellectual property is not allowed, including editing and/or posting other users' assets, such as original content or photos, without permission. 

  • Spam.

    • High volumes of untargeted, unsolicited, or duplicative content that attempts to manipulate or disrupt the Service or the experience of users on the Site to drive traffic or attention to unrelated accounts, products, services, or initiatives is not allowed.

  • Fake accounts or impersonation.

    • Alias, parody, and fan accounts are allowed so long as the account is not used to engage in barred behavior, such as spam, abuse, or intellectual property infringement.

We acknowledge that there are many grey areas, especially when it comes to humor. We will judge posts on a case-by-case basis in order to make the best decision possible for our community. If you believe we have made an error, you may contact us here: Contact. We encourage you to report content or behavior that you believe violates your rights or the Code of Conduct.

Party Chicken
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