That's Fine is a new social media venture for memers.

Desert in Dark


App Update: We have a live platform we're calling Alpha 2.0 on desktop. If you'd like to check it out, contact us. We're in the process of formatting for mobile and hope to have something ready for download in the next week or two.

get in loser - were stealing the memes o


That's Fine is a startup brought to you by the people who founded That's fine i don't want normie trash seeing my memes anyway. Facebook deleted our group of 80,000. Instagram buries our memes. Twitter is...Twitter. That's fine. We'll make our own social media.

That's Fine is also a movement for a more equitable and harmonious social media landscape, where people are free to make jokes, but discouraged from damaging behavior like griefing, trolling, and spreading misinformation. We're not just for memes - we're for everything you love about social media, without everything you hate.


If you're not already a member of our Facebook groups, you can find them here:

That's Fine

Facebook hates OC meme groups, but that's fine, I made another one

That's fine discussion

That's fine service center


Join us on our prototype while we work on our app:

Swimming Astronaut
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